Jonathan Scott the Man of Steel

My previous lender for my first home was a known corrupt institution so purchasing my second home in a different state with different rules & regulations was very nerve-racking because the ordeal I went through previously had me scarred. We applied to about 8 different lenders in our probationary period and Simplist was the first and the last. Simplist beat all of the competitor's rates and fees, but most importantly it was Jonathan's repertoire and honesty that really sealed the deal. He made this process so smooth, fun & I have no doubt in my mind we made the right choice. He was aware that we were comparing other lenders. We told him that we were debating whom to choose. The others provided less information to not waste their time which is understandable, but not Jonathan. He was consistent knowing the whole time that we may not end up with him, but he treated us with the same respect. He kept being fully detail-oriented and never pushy or trying to persuade us in any direction. He focused on his role & his exceptional customer service. I just knew in my heart he was the one. Jonathan truly goes above & beyond and there really aren't words to express my gratitude. Also, I can be a very demanding client. I do not expect people to cater to my requests day and night because everyone deserves their personal time, but he literally would give us updates at like midnight and we're all on different time zones lol! Everytime Jonathan sensed hesitation or concerns which he seemed to pick up on all those subtle cues in our voices over the phone (which really impressed me how well he could read us as we have never met). He went into beast mode. He will find out the answer to anything you are questioning and get back to you pretty much immediately. He also broke down the closing documents in a way that it made sense to us because that stuff is like a foreign language to me. The sellers changed our contract last minute so we basically had a day to finalize everything and Jonathan and Simplist got everything down in a couple hours. We went to the title company already fully informed knowing all of our loan details. On a personal note, it is very hard for me to personally trust people, but we built a business relationship with Jonathan that has exceeded any I have ever had. He proved himself with his actions and he loves what he does. You can tell the passion he has for his job and for helping people. He was always looking after our best interests. I never questioned his integrity. He has a lovely demeanor and he makes you feel very comfortable. He is a very kind, personable, patient, funny, sincere, genuine soul and if he is your loan officer. You are lucky to have him because people like him are rare. I will always highly recommend Jonathan Scott and Simplist Mortgage. Denise G

Elizabeth G. Verified Reviewer
July 2022

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