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About Simplist
What is Simplist?
Simplist is the mortgage marketplace that finds mortgages as unique as today’s homeowners. We've developed advanced technology that searches well beyond the confines of most lenders to find mortgage options perfectly suited to you. The best part? You'll only enter your information once and get rates from a list of great lenders. Simplist is everything you need, in one place.
How Simplist Works
How does Simplist work?
With our advanced technology, you’ll enter your information once and get rates from a list of great lenders. Then, you'll select a loan to move forward with, track your application progress, and close on your mortgage — all in one place.
Who can use Simplist
Who is Simplist for?
Simplist is for anyone who is considering buying or refinancing a home, and who wants the process to be much simpler. Whether you're a straightforward borrower or have a more complicated story, we pride ourselves in helping you get the best loan.
Types of Loans
What types of loans does Simplist offer?
Simplist currently offers a variety of both adjustable and fixed rate loans for single-family homes (including condos, townhouses, co-ops, and planned unit development) and multi family homes (up to 4 units). We offer both purchase and refinance loans.
How does Simplist help me get the lowest rates?
There isn't a perfect lender for everyone. We recognize that you're an individual with your own unique story, and we search high and low to find you the best lender. We use technology to keep our costs drastically lower than traditional mortgage companies, and then pass on those savings to you. Our mission is to help you get the best possible mortgage at the best possible rate.
What does "locking" your rate mean?
When you lock your rate, we guarantee your rate won't change for a certain period of time no matter what happens in the market. This gives you peace of mind while we work to gather all of your information and get you to the finish line.
Buying a home with Simplist
Can Simplist tell me how much home I can afford?
Yes! At Simplist, we want to help you navigate this complicated process. If you're ready to get pre-approved to buy a home, we can help you understand how much you can afford.
Refinancing with Simplist
What kind of refinance loans can I get with Simplist?
Simplist offers two types of refinance loans: Rate & Term and Cash Out. In a Rate & Term refinance transaction, the borrower seeks to lower their monthly payment and/or change the term of their existing loan. A Cash Out refinance allows you to increase the size of your loan, and extract equity out of your home which you can then use for other purposes. 
What is a pre-approval letter?
A pre-approval letter is a document Simplist provides stating the exact loan amount you're eligible to borrow based on the information you provide in your application. A pre-approval letter is always contingent on the future confirmation of your financial standing, an appraisal, and a title report. Obtaining a pre-approval letter will allow you to determine the price of the house you can afford and help you narrow your search. It can also be used to signal you're a serious buyer to a potential seller or real estate agent.
Loan Process
Is my data secure?
Yes, we built Simplist with privacy and security as part of our top priorities. We use bank-level encryption to ensure your private information is kept safe and secure.
Credit Scores
How does my credit score affect my mortgage?
All other things equal, lenders are willing to lend at a lower rate when you have a higher credit score. That said, if your credit score is lower than you thought or hoped, we're here to help you find the best possible loan for your particular circumstances.
What is an appraisal?
An appraisal is an expert opinion of the value of a property based its location, condition, and specific attributes. Appraisals are conducted by independent real estate professionals, and are used to establish the current market value of the property.
Loan Servicing
How will my loan be serviced after closing?
The lender will send you instructions on how to make your monthly payments within 30 days of closing, with ample time before any payment is due.