Refi during the apocalypse!

I started the process in the middle of february. Im self employed. During Covid, the rules and regulations were constantly shifting. It was becoming difficult to get straight answers from the lender. But not from Jared. While i was pulling out what little hair i have left in frustration, Jared was a rock. He never had any doubt, never gave up, never stopped fighting for me. He was always available. Always had a plan. Always gave me good advice. I was ready to give in. Jared wasnt. Im not going to go into details, but it was more complicated than i anticipated it would be. Jared got it done as he said he would. If your looking for someone who will guide you through the process, theres no one better. Go ahead, try someone else. Its your life. When your tired and confused, call Jared. He'll get you squared away! Thanks again my man! Wouldnt have made it if it wasnt for your hard work and persistence!

Armen P. Verified Reviewer
September 2020

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