Five Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete This Summer

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Five Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete This Summer
Jul 28, 2021

This is the perfect time of year to get outside and take care of some of the little home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off. It could save you time and money down the road!

With summertime upon us, you might be tempted to pour yourself a tall cocktail, fire up the grill and lounge outside in the sunshine. While you should treat yourself, it’s also worth carving out time while the weather is warm for various home improvements.

We’re not here to ruin your fun, promise! Home improvements now mean a more comfortable fall and winter. Taking advantage of those longer days now could also mean preserving your home’s value. With a little additional home repair and upkeep, you can get your home in tip-top shape, (and then pour that mojito).

Inspect and Repair Your Home’s Exterior

The long, (mostly) dry days of summer offer you myriad opportunities to get outside and examine your home’s exterior for damage such as peeling paint, wood rot, or chipped stonework.Repairs made during the summer months will have plenty of time to dry and settle in before the cooler, wetter autumn weather arrives.

Windows and Doors This is the ideal time to clean windows and doors and touch up or repaint trim as needed. Want to give your home a mini makeover? Consider repainting your front door and replacing hardware for added curb appeal.

Screens Clean, repair and replace window screens as needed. Purchase a screen repair kit to keep on hand year-round in case of tears or damage to window screens.

Shutters Shutters can offer privacy and comfort, helping to keep rooms cooler during the hot summer months without the added pressure on your utility bill. This is a great time to clean, repaint and replace these fixtures, as well as swap out any hardware that has become rusted or worn. Fresh paint can have shutters looking brand new, enhancing your home’s overall aesthetic!

Siding, Roof, and Gutters Summer represents the ideal time to thoroughly clean siding, roof and gutters, either on your own or with the help of a pro. Have a roof inspector check for loose shingles or other minor repairs that need to be made while the weather is warm and dry. Identifying and fixing small issues now can go a long way toward avoiding larger, costlier and more disruptive repairs in the long run.

Check the Grading and Drainage Around Your Property

When you have your gutters cleaned, you should also check the downspouts to determine whether they are draining too close to the home’s foundation. If so, this is a good time to extend them further out, either with an above-ground extender or with underground downspout diverters and drains. You’ve likely heard the saying, “prevention is better than cure,” and this most certainly applies to water damage—it’s far more cost effective to carry out proactive maintenance than deal with foundation seepage and a flooded basement later down the road.

If you have already experienced water intrusion into your home, it’s a good idea to get someone out to look at the grading around the property and see if it needs to be adjusted for better drainage. This will likely pay dividends in terms of your home’s comfort and long-term condition. It can also be an important adjustment to make if you are thinking about selling your home at some point in the future— a home inspector will almost certainly point out any grading and drainage issues.

Repair and Clean Outdoor Surfaces and Living Spaces

Since this is the season when you’ll likely be making the most use of your outdoor living spaces, you should take some time to clean and repair areas such as decks, porches, and terraces. By doing so, you’ll make them more enjoyable both now and in the future.

Decks Decks should be thoroughly inspected every year for both structural and cosmetic issues. Have a qualified deck inspector check the underpinnings and supports, including the bolts that attach the deck to the house. Deck collapses in summer are unfortunately common, particularly following winters with heavy snowfall, and can cause serious injuries.

You should examine the deck’s surface for peeling paint and warping of boards, both on the platform of the deck and on the railings. Check for protruding nails and remedy or replace them before somebody walks on them barefoot (ouch). Where you find peeling paint, be sure to check for wood rot and replace any deteriorated boards with new, pressure-treated ones. If it’s time to stain, seal, or paint your deck, you’ll want to complete this task as soon as possible so that you can get to making the most of your deck throughout the remainder of the summer.

Hardscape If you have stone, brick, or paved hardscape, get it power washed and repair or replace any crumbling or damaged stonework. If you use sand between your pavers, this is a good time to add more and level out areas that may have been displaced. Pay special attention to areas of your hardscape where snow or rain tends to pool and sit for long periods of time, as these may need a little extra TLC.

Clean, Repair or Replace Outdoor Grills, Water Features, or Furniture

Caring for your outdoor furnishings can help to keep them looking their best while also extending their lifespan, allowing you to continue enjoying them year after year. Make sure that you are keeping everything clean, from upholstery to umbrellas and grill grates—and using material-appropriate products and techniques.

If you have a pool, hot tub, or other water amenities , talk to your service provider and find out if you need to replace any filters or other elements. Deferred maintenance here can be extremely costly down the road and may prevent you from fully enjoying the investment you’ve already made.

Check Systems and Appliances and Repair as Needed

This is a great time of year for you to check out the systems and appliances in your home to ensure that they are operating properly. Clean out the dryer vent, replace filters, and have the HVAC inspected as needed. Take care to vacuum behind and beneath the refrigerator to promote airflow and continued efficiency (this is especially important if you have pets that are prone to shedding!). Dust heating and air vents, as well as ceiling fan blades, and make sure fans are running counterclockwise during the summer months—this will help push cooler air down for more efficient temperature control.

You love your home, so you need to take care of it in every season. Wondering about your options for financing home repairs and improvements? Your friendly Simplist loan advisor can walk you through your options, which may include a cash-out refinance to free up funds. These types of refinances are typically available to eligible borrowers that have built at least 20 percent home equity (or a maximum 80 percent loan-to-value ratio). If that sounds like you, or if you simply have questions about the process, go ahead and schedule a call today. We’re here to make the entire mortgage process painless from start to finish!

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