Skeptic Converted - Great & Efficient Experience

I was interested in Simplist as they compared various lender rates and advertised a fast and efficient process. I was initially skeptical about all the ads I saw describing how easy the refi process was as I had bad experiences with refis and mortgages in the past (including working with large banks and lenders associated with big box stores). The process with Simplist was in fact simple, and once I added all my paperwork, the process moved quickly with the Robert and Melanie of the Simplist team making sure we kept the process moving every step of the way. End to end, the process took about 30 days, and it turns out I was the bottleneck at times as I was out of town and delayed my appraisal. The only in-person efforts were the appraisal and final signatures with the notary. I will definitely consider Simplist first for any future refis or mortgages.

Andre R. Verified Reviewer
March 2022

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