Please give Dan Khay and Dan Paez raises and promotions!!!

I was really dreading our refinance process due to how our app was probably a little more complex than the rest, but both Dans were SUPER knowledgeable, quick, and responsive during the whole process. Really pushed things through, and had some great insight. With things like this, responsiveness is everything, and they are the best. You guys run a great outfit, and the website is arguably your strongest point because people can shop rates real time, with all the factors (amount down and including or not closing costs, WITH the real rates because of personal info already inputted), which was a lot different, to me, than Better and some others. Very handy to use before deciding to lock rates, etc. Bravo. Again, please show my appreciation to both Dans and you absolutely should too! Will be telling all our friends about Simplist and so happy we found you on Instagram. Site is so easy to use, which is great for people coming from Instagram. Bravo again!

Tyler P. Verified Reviewer
October 2021

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