simple and a good deal -- totally recommended

I solicited recommendations from friends and auditioned a bunch of companies for a refi. I also talked to some companies with good rates but no personal recommendation. I researched the companies themselves, the likely lenders (if it could be guessed in advance), and everything I could. It was really no contest: No one beat the rates of Jason Weber at Simplist, and no one really checked out as more trustworthy, as far as could be told in advance. The process turned out remarkably simple and quick: not so many papers to sign as last time, much faster. Jason had some great ideas that moved things along, and was super responsive to any worry I had along the way (all worries turned out unjustified). The new lender seems even easier to deal with than the old. Saved enough relative to the old mortgage to put one of the kids through an expensive college. Really, this was just fantastic.

James K. Verified Reviewer
September 2021

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